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Gettysburg National Military Park


1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery 6-215
Batteries F and G (Combined)
"Rickett's Battery"
Gettysburg National Military Park

Contractor: William Van Amringe for the Smith Granite Company
Material: Blue Westerly granite; bronze
Cost: $3000
Date Ordered: April 1890
Date Shipped: August 29, 1890
Date Dedicated: July 2, 1894
Height: 9 feet
Base: 12 feet 6 inches x 3 feet 2 inches
Approximate weight:
Features: Boulder with 2 bas relief figures
Statue Cutter: John DeRocchi
Carver: Farquhar Smith.
Letter Cutter: Henry E. Moriaity.
Stonecutter: John West, Matthias Wickland.
Location: East Cemetery Hill
Map location: Monument 300 @ H7
About the unit: The face of the monument has a bas relief of one of the unit's 3-inch ordnance Rifles with the gun's number 1 and 3 cannoneers. The job of the Number 1 was to sponge the barrel and ram the charge to the base. The job of the number 3 was to hold his thumb on the vent during discharge to keep oxygen from entering the tube. Artillery pieces were usually served by five to seven men, although drills were practiced with as few as two men.

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Hawthorne, Page 105
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