River Bend Cemetery Crosses

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Neidel Cross

The Neidel Celtic (1939) at River Bend Cemetery cross show a number of human figures including the holy mother and child, the twelve apostles, and symbols of the four evangelists.

The central section of the Neidel cross is rich in symbolism.  The holy mother and child with accompanying angels are featured in the very center.  Surrounding them are symbols for the four evangelists. Matthew (top) is represented by the eagle; Mark (left) by the winged lion; Luke (right) by the winged bull; and John (bottom) by the angel.  The model for this cross was done by Julius C. Loester of New York City and the Neidel cross was cut by Fraquelli and Brusa Co. of Westerly as shown on a promotional blotter.
 A nearly-identical Apostolic Memorial Celtic cross was done for Mrs. Dennis O’Brien, a resident of Watch Hill and New York City, and is located in Mt. Pleasant, New York.  The stone for that cross was quarried at Sullivan Granite Company and was taken in a four-ton block from a vein of blue-white granite.  George Stenhouse, of Fraquelli and Brusa, did the preliminary cutting of the cross and Nicholas Visgilio did the scrolled trimmings. Angelo Buzzi spent over two months carving the figures and other fine details and considered it one of his best works.

The Apostles


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